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Chew Squash Still Seeking Summer Success

With a defeat and a draw from their first 2 matches, Chew Squash went into the next round of matches hoping to clinch their first win of the season but as CVSC were promoted last summer every match was always going to be a toughy!


Chew Valley's third match of the Summer Season was away v Thornbury "B".


No 1 = RICHARD NICHOL. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 15-9, 7-15, 9-15 and 7-15
Rich took a closely fought first game and hopes were high; Rich played well and dominated the game. The second game was a complete reversal and Rich was put on the back foot as his opponent took control. Unfortunately Rich never showed the spark from the first game again and his opponent cruised to a 3-1 win. 

No 2 = MARK SIMMONS. Won 3-2. Game scores = 15-14, 15-11, 16-18, 11-15 and 15-12
Mark's previous game was reported as "a case of almost for Mark; so close to his first win of the season", well this match he went one better and notched up his first season win. A great start from Mark winning 15-14 and then 15-11 with some blistering squash. Mark's opponent then seemed to get into gear and he took the 3rd game. It was so close, Mark battled and really should have won the match 3-0 but he let the 3rd game slip through his fingers, narrowly going down 16-18. The fourth was a worrying game. It looked like Mark's demons were back with him as he allowed his opponent to level the match at 2-2. So, into the deciding 5th game. Mark regained the form that he'd shown in the first two games and closed out the match, 3-2, with a convincing 15-12 fifth game victory.

No 3 = IAN BISHOP. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 12-15, 9-15 and 9-15
A fairly routine victory for Ian's opponent. Bish just never really seemed to get going!

No 4 = DAN SPINNEY. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 8-15, 8-15 and 11-15
A similar game to Bish's. Dan was just never allowed to play his game.


Match Result: A 1-3 defeat for CVSC and only 4 points to add to the team tally.

Man of the Match: Mark Simmons; great squash, great win.


Chew Valley's next match was at home v Westbury David Lloyd "B"


No 1 = MARK SIMMONS. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 13-15, 9-15 and 9-15
Mark battled hard against his much higher ranked opponent. However, the games went as per the rankings; a pretty straightforward win for Mark's opponent.

No 2 = RICHARD NICHOL. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 8-15, 15-7, 12-15 and 13-15
The result doesn't do justice to the squash! A cracking opening couple of games. Rich losing the first but then bouncing back to level at 1-1. Evenly poised. Rich played some great squash in games 3 and 4 but his opponent always seemed to have the edge; Rich losing the match 1-3

No 3 = RICARDO PAREDES. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 5-15, 17-15, 5-15 and 11-15
It was Ricky's first outing in the Summer Leagues and he looked a little rusty. A slow start from Ricky as he lost the first game quite tamely. The Ricky of old came out for the 2nd game; a high octane game. Ricky played well and sneaked it 17-15. Ricky looked a little exhausted in the third game and that one went to his opponent; nothing to write home about! A bit more like it in the 4th game. A closer encounter as Ricky stepped up the pace but it was not to be and Ricky lost the game, 11-15 and the match 1-3

No 4 = DAN SPINNEY. Won 3-1. Game scores = 15-7, 9-15, 15-7 and 15-8
A strange couple of games to open this tie. Dan in control of the first game; well on top. Dan then had a confidence wobble and let his opponent back in; Dan's opponent well in charge of the second game. Which Dan would come out for game 3? Fortunately for CVSC it was the confident Dan! That confidence carried through to the fourth game too and Dan cruised to a 3-1 win.... eventually!


Match Result: Another 1-3 defeat for CVSC with 5 points on the board this week; a bit better performance. We all knew that this league was going to be tough and boy, is this league tough!


Man of the Match: Dan Spinney; more great squash, another great win.

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