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The Summer Squash Season Starts

Summer squash is different to "regular" squash. Like other sports (5-a-side football and T20 cricket for example) the format and rules are different. Summer squash only has 4 to a team and the scoring is different. Summer squash scoring is "point a rally" to 15 compared to hand in and hand out scoring to 9 in winter squash. All in all it's designed to make the game even more fast and furious! Combined with this, CVSC were promoted last summer and will be up against some seriously highly ranked players. Still, bring it on!


Chew Valley's opening match of the Summer Season was away v Redland "C"


No 1 = RICHARD NICHOL. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 9-15, 10-15, and 16-18
Rich's opponent took a closely fought first game which Andy should have won; mistakes in Rich’s game gifted points to his opponent that should never have been. The second game followed a similar pattern. The 3rd game was a bit more like it for Rich and a bit more like his form at the end of the winter. A neck and neck battle that Rich finally lost 16-18. 

No 2 = MARK SIMMONS. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 8-15, 10-15, 15-12, and 14-16
A case of "almost" for Mark; so close to his first win of the season. A slow start with Mark losing 8-15. An improvement for Mark in the second which went to his opponent who was sharp and playing some nice squash and moving Mark around the court. Mark then seemed to get into gear and he took the 3rd game 15-12. The fourth was a tight affair. At one stage it looked like Mark was going to bring the match level. However, it was not to and Mark lost a well fought 4th game 14-16 and the match 1-3.

No 3 = TOM MILLER. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 5-15, 4-15, and 4-15
Tom is a recent convert from badminton and this is his first competitive season with CVSC and what a baptism of fire! Tom's opponent had over 3 times more ranking points that Tom; a tough start! A fairly consistent result with Tom looking more than a little nervous. 

No 4 = BRIAN PATE. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 15-8, 9-15, 6-15, and 12-15
Brian went 1-0 up very quickly playing some exquisite squash. Brian seemed to have taken his much higher ranked opponent by surprise and was off to a flier! Games 2 & 3 went as would be expected given the 2 players' ranking difference and so Brian was now 1-2 down. 
Game 4 was different again; Brian looked like he was going to square the match but eventually he lost it 12-15 and the match 1-3.


Match Result: A 0-4 defeat for CVSC's with only 2 points on the board.

Man of the Match: Brian for nicking a point off his much higher ranked opponent.


Chew Valley's second game of the season quickly followed and it was at home v Lansdown "B"


No 1 = JOEY WILLIAMS. Lost 2-3. Game scores = 17-15, 15-8, 11-15, 6-15 and 12-15
A cracking start from Joey as he cruised to a 2-0 lead, seemingly with the match in the palm of his hand and his to lose..... which is exactly what he did! Joey just seemed to go off the boil and lost the next 3 games in a row albeit with a bit of a fight back in the fifth.

No 2 = MARK SIMMONS. Lost 2-3. Game scores = 16-14, 9-15, 9-15, 15-9 and 10-15
A real see-saw of a match. Mark battled to win the first game only to see himself go 1-2 down; losing the two games by the same score of 9-15. A complete about-turn in game four as Mark dominated, leveled the match at 2-2 by winning 15-9. A great effort from Mark in the fifth but it was just a bit too much and he lost 10-15.

No 3 = RICHARD NICHOL. Lost 2-3. Game scores = 15-10, 15-7, 11-15, 7-15 and 11-15
Almost a replica of Joey's game. A cracking start from Rich as he cruised to a 2-0 lead, seemingly with the match in the palm of his hand and his to lose..... which is exactly what he did! However, Rich didn't seem to go off the boil........ he ran out of steam! You could visibly see the energy draining out of Rich. It's amazing what a few weeks off between seasons can do to take the edge of the match fitness. Rich lost 3 games in a row to go down 2-3 as well.

No 4 = IAN BISHOP. Won 3-0
Ian was awarded a 3-0 victory as a result of a "no-show"


Match Result: A draw. The points score was 9-9... a much better and an encouraging performance. Can't sneeze at 9 points in the bag!

Man of the Match: A tough one this week but probably Mark.

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