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Chew Squash Still Battling for a Win

The penultimate round of matches saw CVSC pitched against Lansdown and Thornbury. The team went into these matches with hope of their first season's win for two different reasons. Lansdown, although currently top of the league, were held to a draw by CVSC earlier in the season so could the team go one better this time? Thornbury were just above Chew in the league, their nearest rivals for relegation!


The match v Lansdown: despite all the hope it was a really disappointing affair with CVSC losing 1-16.


No 1 = MARK SIMMONS. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 12-15, 10-15 and 17-19
Mark made a great effort, especially in the 3rd game, trying to get back into it, but he was just out-played by his more experienced and much higher ranked opponent.

No 2 = RICHARD NICHOL. Lost 1-3. Game scores = 11-15, 10-15, 15-5 and 8-15
Pretty close first couple of games and the score belies how close those games were. CVSC's hopes were up when Rich cruised to a win in the 3rd - had his opponent burned out? However, his opponent bounced back to win the fourth to take another win for Lansdown.

No 3 = IAN BISHOP. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 6-15, 9-15, and 4-15
Bish is is trying hard and, at the moment, getting no return for his efforts. A fairly straightforward win for Lansdown.

No 4 = RICARDO PAREDES. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 4-15, 10-15, and 4-15
Another fairly straightforward win for Lansdown. Ricky too, made a great effort, especially in the 2nd game, trying to get back into it, but the story of the match really was trying hard but getting no return for the effort.


Match Result: Another 0-4 defeat for CVSC and only 1 point to add to the team tally.

Man of the Match: RICH NICHOL; for getting the Team's only point of the night.


Chew Valley's next match was at home v Thornbury - the battle of the relegation contenders!


No 1 = MARK SIMMONS. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 12-15, 13-15 and 14-16
Another real ding-dong battle for Mark and yet another great tussle which was neck and neck for most of the game. The match ended up going to Mark's opponent; Mark just couldn't seem to find the killer shots at the crucial times.

No 2 = IAN BISHOP. Lost 0-3. Game scores = 5-15, 9-15 and 5-15
Bish is just not on form at the moment. A fairly straightforward win for Thornbury.

No 3 = JAMIE WATSON. Lost 2-3. Game scores = 15-8, 15-9, 14-16, 11-15 and 12-15
An awesome start for Jamie; he was 2-0 up and looking to be well in control. The combination of his devastating power and speed around the court was just too much for his opponent to handle. CVSC's hopes were high for maximum points from this match! So into the 3rd game, could Jamie bring home a 3-0 victory! Spectators were astounded at what they saw; Jamie was so relaxed and casual - playing like it was some sort of training game with some show-boating shots! This was not the sheer display of power that had got him 2-0 up. Needless to say this let his opponent back into the match. Jamie almost redeemed himself and almost did get that 3-0 win but he eventually went down 14-16; so near yet so far! How would this pan out now? There were a few choice words from the captain to get Jamie back to basics and simply power his opponent off the court. Well, it was better but psychologically Jamie's opponent was growing all the time and beginning to dominate; so much so that the potential 3-0 win was turned into a 2-3 defeat. So frustrating all round.

No 4 = DAN SPINNEY. Lost 2-3. Game scores = 1-15, 9-15, 16-14, 15-10, and 7-15
The complete opposite to Jamie's match - this was a dreadful start for Dan with his opponent well in charge of the first 2 games. How would Dan approach game 3? Dan stepped up to the challenge; a close game which Dan won to get back into the match at 1-2. So into the fourth; psychologically Dan seem to be on a high and that showed in his performance. Dan was playing really well, he took this game by the scruff and won it fairly easily to level the tie at 2-2. It was down to the wire and all on the fifth. Did Dan burn out or did his opponent just find that little extra? Who knows but Dan couldn't carry his comeback performance into the last game and he lost the match 2-3. Unlucky Dan, oh so close again!


Match Result: Another 0-4 defeat for CVSC with 4 points on the board from this match but it could and should have been such a different result.

Man of the Match: DAN SPINNEY; oh so close and such a great effort to come back from 0-2 down.


On to the last 2 matches of the season. Can CVSC get that win?

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