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The Summer Season has finished



Our Summer Team had a tough season in Div 2 (the 3rd out of 9 divisions) - one draw, and one win due to a no-show by Redland right at the end, but otherwise defeats all round - but it was always going to be difficult - just check out the levels of the other teams! Even in Div 3, the next division down, the lowest-ranked team is still over 1400. Here's how our matches went...



So: a massive well done to the team for putting in some great performances nonetheless. Our players were: Mark Simmons (9 matches, 9 points), Rich Nichol (8 matches, 6 points), Dan Spinney (5 matches, 7 points), Ian Bishop (5 matches, 1 point), Ricardo Paredes (3 matches, 3 points), Jamie Watson (2 matches, 2 points), Joey Williams (1 match, 2 points), Brian Pate (1 match, 1 point) and Tom Miller (1 match, 0 points).


The Autumn leagues will kick off in late September. Last year, our A Team finished 5th out of 6 in the Autumn Div 1 and were relegated to Div 2, where in the Spring they again finished 5th out of 6 which might mean relegation to Div 3 - but work is going on behind the scenes to keep us up. Our B Team finished 4th out of 5 in Autumn Div 6 and were relegated to Div 7, where in the Spring they again finished 4th out of 5 which will mean relegation to Div 8 - the bottom division :-( Lots of work to do - we need to improve on the trend of second-last!


What else is going on? The Inter-Village Tournament is planned for Wednesday 19th September (the captains are building their teams at the moment), Series 1 of the new Race of Champions will be in September / October - and in the meantime, the ever-present Open Night every Monday - so, lots on as ever!


See you on court soon,


The CVSC Team

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