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The Inter-Village Tournament returns!

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We missed it in 2017 but this year we're going to kick off the season with the latest installment of a club classic, the Inter-Village Competition!


On Wednesday 19th September at 7pm four teams will battle it out for the glory of being crowned the CVSC Inter-Village Champions!  It'll be a quick-fire evening of 30 matches, Point-A-Rally (American) scoring, 6 minutes per match - it should be a great evening of squash - whether player or spectator, be there!


There are four teams and the captains have been chosen as follows - they will now go about building their teams of five - you may well be called up!


  • South-West Valley - Jamie Watson
  • Central Valley - Dan Spinney
  • North Valley - Tom Spencer
  • East of the Valley - Mark Simmons


Game on!

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