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Butcombe Race of Champions Series 2 - The Results!

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So, Series 2 of the Butcombe Race of Champions comes to a close...


Thanks all for a great weekend of squash - what a wonderful event! Many thanks to everyone who made the effort, got involved, turned out and made our tournament a success.



Well done to Joey Williams, our Series Two Champion and to Andy Fountain, our runner up. Also, a magic game in our Plate Final - a really, really brutal match - well done to Ricardo Paredes for winning the Plate, and commiserations to Jamie Watson, our Plate runner up (that'll teach you for hitting Ricky in the mouth with the ball in the warm up!).


Whilst dishing out the thanks: Ricky and supporting cast, well done again for an extremely well run Tournament despite the couple of spanners thrown in the works! Also, a massive thanks to our main sponsors, the Butcombe Brewing Co., and to our T-shirt sponsors, Intégrale.




So, after the first two series of the Butcombe Race of Champions, we now have 17 squash players with a real chance of battling it out in our final Super Series Top 8, to be held in June. As you can see from the ranking below, it’s all very close and Series 3 and 4 will be crucial to get one of the final 8 places! What an exciting first year for our Race of Champions!



And finally: I am pleased to announce that - thanks to Sam and Jamie - we have already signed up our T-shirt sponsors for Series 3: Valentino Kitchens.



Cheers all,



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