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A New Committee for the Club

A New Committee for the Club

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A New Committee for the Club

Last night, the Club held a Special General Meeting (SGM) in response to a request by 12 members as per Club rules. The reason for the SGM was to elect new members/officers to the Club/Committee and so a proposal to that effect was made. The proposal had been discussed with the previous officers, who resigned either prior to or at the meeting, and was unanimously agreed by all those present.

Everyone present offered huge thanks for the efforts of the outgoing officers over the years, recognising their huge contribution. John Knibbs in particular has been in the Chair for almost a quarter of a century and a member since the mid-'70s, and was praised by both the members present and by the in-coming Chairman. The out-going Treasurer, Roger Bowdler, was also heartily thanked for his enthusiastic contribution. Everyone present at the meeting made it clear that they hoped both would remain actively involved in the Club.  Jill Toman was re-elected to the Committee.

So, our new Committee is now as follows:

  • Chair: Brian Pate
  • Secretary & Treasurer: Jill Toman
  • Tournaments Officer: Ricardo Paredes
  • Box & Ladder Officer: Andy Fountain
  • Club Development Officer: Dan Spinney
  • Ladies' Team Captain & Catering Officer: Sue Roberts
  • Club & A Team Captain: Andy Matthews
  • B Team Captain: Phil Febrey
  • Summer Team Captain: Brian Pate

Your new Committee has a lot of exciting ideas to take the Club forward with the intent to grow both its reputation and membership and we're looking forward to the next steps.

Watch this space!

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